Specializing in Women's Recovery

Specializing in Women's Recovery


The Connection Between Loneliness and Alcoholism

Being alone is excruciatingly painful. Some people are so depressed that they turn to alcohol for self-medication. Unfortunately, turning to alcohol or other substances to “feel better” exacerbates the difficulties in the long run.

According to a study, loneliness has been connected to an increase in substance use disorder such as alcoholism and increased mental health difficulties. However, it is widely acknowledged that drinking merely adds to feelings of loneliness and isolation, producing a vicious and never-ending cycle of pain.

Alcohol and narcotics are the most commonly utilized forms of self-medication. They are used as tools to temporarily distract us from the pain we are experiencing, thus providing a false sense of security by allowing us to avoid confronting our problems. The difficulty with self-medicating and the absence of recovery programs is that the high we experience from alcohol or drugs is just brief, and it leaves us feeling even more tired or hurt. It’s crazy to believe that we can turn to alcohol to alleviate our emotions of loneliness, but then once we sober up, our feelings of sadness will only worsen.

Loneliness feeds addiction, and addiction feeds loneliness. As a result, loneliness can both be an effect and a cause of addiction.

Our recovery center in Menifee, California, offers detoxification programs that are incredibly beneficial for anyone suffering from alcoholism.

Our professionals at Reviving You Recovery House will answer any questions you have and teach you everything you need to know about overcoming loneliness and alcoholism so you can make an informed decision about seeking treatment.

Whether you have never sought treatment before or are relapsing, everyone deserves dependable assistance. You can rely on our recovery house in California!

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