Specializing in Women's Recovery

Specializing in Women's Recovery


Reviving Your Health and Relationships


Substance abuse happens when there is a misuse of substances like drugs and alcohol. It leads to significant problems in the life of the person affected. When a person becomes substance dependent, they continue using and abusing the substance even when evident negative effects on their health and relationships are already observed. They may even be considered a dependency craving addict.

Substance use disorder causes health problems. Weight loss is often observed in people with substance use problems. Abnormalities in the heart rate and blood pressure can also result from substance abuse. People with substance use disorder are also less productive in their daily tasks because of the constant fatigue they feel, which is a symptom of the disorder.

However, aside from negative effects on the health of the person, substance abuse or addiction also affects the relationships of such person with others. Persons affected by this disorder continue using drugs or drinking alcohol even at the expense of their relationships with their loved ones and friends. Sometimes, they even cut ties with concerned people who suggest attending recovery programs to seek help.

Our recovery center in Menifee, California, seeks to help these people revive their health and relationships. Our services include a residential program, detoxification, and ancillary services. We also have specialized services for those dealing with addiction, alcoholism, trauma, and other mental health disorders.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and effective recovery house in California, visit us at Reviving You Recovery House.

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