Now Accepting Men and Women

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Now Accepting Men and Women

About Us/Meet Our Staff

Recovery Center in Menifee, California

“Not all those who wander are lost.” - J.R.R. Tolkien

About Our Company

We are committed to guiding our clients in combatting addiction by providing effective, compassionate, and powerful solutions where long-term recovery and happiness are encouraged. We also pride ourselves on taking an individualized approach to each client’s recovery. We offer evidence-based education groups, cognitive therapy groups, and holistic outlets to help them heal from the inside out.

As soon as the client arrives at Reviving You Recovery House, they are encouraged to immediately start their individual treatment plan so their counselors will know what to help them with. This treatment plan will be updated throughout their recovery process and discussed during daily individual sessions.

It is crucial for each client to know that what works for one person in relation to their recovery doesn’t always work for the other person. Some people will prefer to stick with the 12-step recovery process, while others prefer a holistic, non-12-step rehab approach. This will all be discussed in their individual sessions with a counselor.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission at Reviving You Recovery is focused on providing men and women the addiction treatment options that involve personalized recovery plans, and relapse prevention strategies. Our passion is to successfully help men and women and families achieve long-term recovery and relationships.

Our Team

Dustin – Founder
Nikki Morris
Nikki Morris – Founder
Dean Francis
Program Director